The Vineyard, Richmond
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12 and 14 The Vineyard

1771 Richardson Manor map shows the Queen Elizabeth's Almshouses on a rectangular site with the future space for the present 12 and 14 not used for buildings.
1842 The almshouses now have a couple of sheds on the east side of the site.
1865 One shed now at front east side right on road frontage.
1896 OS map shows Halford Road now complete and number 16 built up to the side of shed.
 1901  Plan for pair of houses but only 2 floors
 1904 Kelly: Glenmarion Hill Miss, boarding house
12 A Coxshead George

 Plan for a pair of houses for Richmond Charities

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 Census: Alice Jane Hill, dressmaker and boarding house keeper, lived at Glenmarion, with her step-mother and 2 boarders.

At "12A" The Vineyard, lived John Matthew Jones, a 43 year-old Dressmaking Manager, his wife and 2 daughters. (12A may have been the present no 14 since no separate record in the census for that)

1913 Map shows the houses completed.
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