The Vineyard, Richmond
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Present number/name

Pre-1936 number / name

Pre-1893 number/name

 Vineyard Cottages 34 The Vineyard

Vineyard Cottages 36 The Vineyard

Vineyard Cottages
 30 The Vineyard

Vineyard Cottages
 32 The Vineyard

1,Vineyard Cottages


2,Vineyard Cottages


34 and 36 The Vineyard


First rates paid.


Both owned by James Clutterbuck  Lessee in No 1:Sarah Rhoodes - No 2: Isabella Badger


Driver map shows no detail since the map only showed copyhold premises and this was one of the rare freeholds. The block's southern corner jutted out into the present street.


OS map confirms a single larger house on the corner with a courtyard behind. There looks to be one relatively large house and one very small on the site of Vineyard cottages.


 Census: 2, John Pratt Carpenter, his wife and son with lodgers Edward Hall, waterman, his wife and 2 children
1, John Whitfield, Gardener, his widowed daughter and grand-son.


 Census: 1, David Trussler, gardner, his wife, daughter and 2 boarders
2, Elizabeth Cole, her son and 2 lodgers


OS map shows the corner house (30 and 32) and 2 additional units for Vineyard Villas.  Brick detailing suggests this must have all been  in a single development.


 Census: 30, Elizabeth Cole, widow, and 2 sons
32, Thomas Newens, insurance agent, wife, child and mother-in-law.


Kelly: 30 Mrs Cole
32 Newens Ths Rawlinson, insurance agent


Census: 34 (ex 30), J. Ellis, forman horsekeeper, his wife, 7 children and a boarder. Eldest son, 19, was a greengrocer, 2nd daughter a cashier (grocer's) and the 16-year-old boarder a second stableman.
36 (ex 32), Emily Andrews, charmwoman (domestic) and her daughter.


 Valuation Office Survey

Nos 34 & 36 (formerly 30 &32)

Description: House
Occupier: 34 = J Townsend 36 = J. Newens
Owner: Mrs F M Selous,France
Interest of owner: Freehold
Occupier's tenancy: weekly
Gross Value: £300 each


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