The Vineyard, Richmond
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History of 43 The Vineyard, Richmond 

Notes by Ros Aitken


In 1876 there was offered for sale ‘several freehold and copyhold residences, stables and premises situate in The Vineyard’ and ‘a valuable plot of freehold building land situate in the Mount Ararat Rd and abutting on the intended New Road leading from the town and railway stations to St Matthias Church, the Hill and Richmond Park.’ 


This seems to be the land on which Vineyard Terrace, as it was originally known, was built, in 1877.  It abutted the Mount Ararat Estate.  Behind where the house is now, were the kitchen gardens, greenhouses and grounds. 


The House was originally numbered 1 Vineyard Terrace (and recent redecoration uncovered the plaque.)  It was renumbered 43 The Vineyard on 14 Feb.1893 


It was owned, in common with a lot of other property, both houses and stabling and at one point a shop, in the Vineyard, by a Mr J Maxwell.  He seems to have died in the late 1890s and the property passed to his wife, who owned it until the early twenties and possibly until 1952, when it was first registered.  This seems likely, because the Sullivan family (see below) had been  replaced by Stanley Gibbs between 1951 and 1954. Gibbs could have bought the house off Mrs Maxwell in 1952 and registered it on 10 May of that year. 


William Cockburn (see below), the corn merchant who lived in the Terrace - not always in No 43 - for over 30 years, bought the adjacent property, No 45, (later a  motor business and then a factory)  for stabling, in 1900.  But for some reason he did not buy his house.  Perhaps Mrs Maxwell did not want to sell. Perhaps she owned the Terrace until her death. 


The property has been  lived in by a wide assortment of people apart from William Cockburn. Many had lodgers (subletting, presumably) and, oddly, some moved from house to house within the Terrace.  Sometimes No 43, and/or one of the other 2 was vacant, perhaps while renovations or building work was carried out.  (So far all I  have been able to find out about  the changes which seem to have been made to all 3 houses since they were first built is that they occurred before 1947.) 


Below is a list of the people who lived in No 43, with such details as are known: 

 (Events  in Richmond and country/world wide noted in bold) 


Railway 1846 

Vineyard School 1867  

Richmond Infirmary 1868 

Richmond Times 1873 

The Quadrant shops  1876 -7 

Wrights (Later Owen Owen, now Tesco)  1877 


1878-1882  Mrs E Cormack (60), with boarder Eliza Stark (72) at least in                            1881 

Library 1881 

1883           empty? 

1884-86      Anthony Bigalsky 

Terrace Gardens 1887 

1887           Edward E Nesbit 

1888           Miss Singleton, dressmaker) 

1889           Empty? (Miss Singleton had moved to No2) 

Celebration Of Charter granting Borough Status 1890 

1890-1900  Mrs Sarah Child (64), running a Domestic Servants’ Registry                            Office, with lodger Emily Farr (26), a trained nurse, at least in                           1891 

Horse Show 1892 

Magistrates' Court (Vestry House 1896 

Boys' County School (Kew Road) 1896  

Fire Station (Clock Tower) 1897 

Queen's Diamond Jubilee 1897 

1897-1900  Mrs Child and William Cockburn, corn merchant 

Automobile Club Show (Old Deer Park) 1899 

Richmond Theatre and Opera House (The Green) 1899 

Edward VII Coronation 1902 

1902-27      William Cockburn 

1902-3        William Cockburn and Charles Chandler Junior 

1905-6        William Cockburn and Mrs Davies 

1907           William Cockburn and William Rush 

County School for Girls (Parkshot) 1908 

1908           Empty? (Cockburn in no.41 with Mrs Berrow) 

1909-19      William Cockburn and Mrs Mackenzie, dressmaker (Mrs Berrow             still in 41) 

1912           William Cockburn and Mrs Mackenzie joined by Rhymer & Co,               manufacturers’ agents, for one year 

First World War  1914-18  

Star and Garter Home 1924 

1920-7        William Cockburn and Mrs Sullivan (?with a son, Joseph                         Sullivan) 

1928           William Cockburn and Joseph Sullivan 

Richmond Kinema (later Odeon) 1930 

George V Silver Jubilee 1935 

1929-38      Joseph Sullivan 

1929-36      Joseph Sullivan and Joseph Mears, Launches and Motors Ltd. 

1936           Joseph Sullivan (Mears had moved to No. 45 with Edgar Coates) 

New Station Building on current site 1937 

1937           Joseph Sullivan 

Second World War 1939 -45 (97 killed, c. 500 injured by bombs) 

1939-51      Mrs E Sullivan (?Joseph’s widow) 

Olympic Village in Park 1948 

1954-67/8   Stanley R Gibbs 

1969           M Simeone 

1971           empty (as was no.41) 

1972           Heather and Michael Fielding 

1973-4        Angela and Jennifer Harvey 

1975-77      Joseph and Margaret Adamson 

1977-          Tom and Ros Aitken