The Vineyard, Richmond
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1 Vineyard Terrace


41 - 43 The Vineyard

39-43 The Vineyard


Richardson Manor map shows a narrow freehold building using the full depth of plot number 398.

Owned: James Clutterbuck Lessee: Wm Patonn.  These are the same as owned Hope House across the road. Premises were a coachhouse with stables and yard.

1842 Driver map shows the building was built from wood. 
 1871  Census: probable site of 'stables with coachmans room over' occupied by Henry Morley, groom, and his family.
 1876  Offer for sale of 'several freehold and copyhold residences, stables and premises situate in the The Vineyard'.
 1877  Building of 1-3 The Terrace, now numbers 39-43
 1881  Census: Sarah Groome, Lodging House Keeper, her daughter, a baby and 5 boarders
 1891  Census: Sarah Child, Domestic Registry and a lodger
1895 OS maps shows the present configuration with a stable yard runnning behind the 3 houses of Vineyard Terrace
1895 Kelly: 43 Child Mrs Sarah, Servants Registry Office
 1901  Census: Sarah Child, Servants Registry Office, and her brother
1904 Kelly: 43 Chandler Charles jun., Cockburn William corn merchant
 1910-15  Valuation Office Survey

Description: House, garden,
Occupier: Mrs Mackenzie
Owner: E,H.H. Maxwell, Kingsclere, Kings Road, Richmond
Interest of owner: Freehold
Occupier's tenancy: weekly
Gross Value: £275

1911  Census: Mary Jane Mackenzie, dressmaker, and her 2 children
 1920-51  Joseph Henry & Emily Sullivan.  They had 5 children; Joseph Edwin (born in 1922),  Selsey (emigrated to Australia), Arthur,  Emily (a lay preacher active in the Vineyard church) & Margaret. Joseph Henry died in1939. Information supplied by their grandson.

See notes on her house history of no 43 by Ros Aitken


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