The Vineyard, Richmond
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1, Dynevor Place


No 81 taken in 2007 

1891 Census: John Cooper, retired Physician, his wife and a servant.
1901 Census: David Caudwell, Bankers Clerk, his wife, 2 children and a servant.
1911 Census: Reginald Crampton, Electrical Engineer in submarine signalling, his wife, 2 children and a servant.

My family lived at 81 The Vineyard from 1946 to 1957.   My sister and I both live in Princeton, New Jersey.  My parents bought the house after my father was discharged from the army, and we lived there until we moved to America.  I was 1 when we moved in and 12 when we left.   We went to the Vineyard School, among others. So nice you're doing this site.

Miranda Short

I am Miranda's sister who lived at 81 the Vineyard.  Attached is a picture of the house that I took in 2007.  We owned the house up until around 1980.  My mother rented it out after we moved to the US in 1957.  It is wonderful to see your research.  81 was our childhood home and we both feel very attached to it as well as to Richmond.  In 2007 I actually had a reunion with some my Vineyard school classmates who still remember me.  I have pictures of us in school events of the time.  If I can help out with any thing else let me know.  Best, Lydia  


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