The Vineyard, Richmond
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11, Dynevor Place


89 & 91 The Vineyard 

1891 Census: Sophia Thomson, Living on own means, with 2 daughters
1901 Census: Blanch Thomson, Living on own means, 2 sisters and a servant.
1911 Census: Charles La Coste, Retired Army Lieutenant with private means, his wife, son and 3 servants.

Pat Benattar writes:

I was about 13 in 1974, when My family moved from Montreal,  Canada, to Richmond.  My Dad worked at Canadian Pacific at the time and he was consulting for CP as well.  We lived at said address for a year.  We had rented the house furnished as well as bringing a container of our belongings and another container with a new 1974 Chevrolet Beauville  Van with bench seating for the whole family.  We did stand out a little!  

Anyways, we all chose our rooms in this beautiful house but one room, a really nice room on the 2nd floor, we called the study, remained empty.  We didn't even use it as storage.  I chose a tiny room on the third floor with a sink in it and a crawl space/storage.  We though it must have been Maid quarters at one time. 

We never talked about why we didn't use the room for anything until about 5 years ago.   

I have 3 sisters and a brother and most of us felt the room seemed cool and reflecting on it, all feel as though it was haunted!  There was no reason not to use it yet without even talking about it, it remained empty. It was on the second floor and had a kind of bay window. 

Anyhow, I just thought I'd share my experience with The Vineyard. What at a beautiful street! 




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