The Vineyard, Richmond
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Address Changes

The origin of "The Vineyard" Name is uncertain. John Cloake, our Richmond historian, writes as follows:

The name belonged to an island in the Thames in 1301. In Tudor and Stuart times, however, the "Vineyard" was the name of a close of land south of Ferry Hill between the river and the Petersham road. The street we know today as "The Vineyard" is described as "The lane leading to the Vineyard". Yet in the 18th century, there was another piece of ground, just by the bend in the road at the Halford Road / Onslow Road corner, which was called Stanleys Vineyard, where Vineyard House was built in the early 18th century.

The 1771 'Manor' map shows The Vineyard ending at what is now Mount Ararat Road. Beyond was 'Love Tree' lane through land owned by W. Selwyn Esq.. By 1865, The Vineyard still ended at Mount Ararat Road. 30 years later, The Vineyard extended to Church Road and the extra houses had been built.

Since the houses were often built in small terraces and named and numbered probably by the developer, the Town Council had twice to impose new numbering and address rules, once in 1893, and again in 1936.

So to check on the history of any individual house, you must first know the correct past addresses so that you know the records refer to the relevant house. Here are tables showing the changes. Please note that all further content on this website is based on the present addresses.

Even number / North side addresses

Odd number / South side addresses