The Vineyard, Richmond
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Advertisement in 1794 issue of Laity Directory


Mr Eeles and Assistants, in the Vineyard, Richmond, Surry adjoining the chapel. Young gentlemen taught Latin, Greek, English and French languages: also writing, arithmetic, book-keeping, geography, history, navigation, the use of globes, and every other useful branch of mathematics; for which, with boarding washing and lodging, no other charge will be made than 30 guineas per annum.  No entrance money required; but it is expected that each young gentleman will bring with him a silver spoon, six towels, combs, brushes etc. Drawing, dancing, fencing and music to be paid separately.  The greatest care will be taken of the morals of the young gentlemen, who, in the hours of recreation, are indispensably superintended by one of the masters.  The young gentlemen always dine with the masters.  No other table will be allowed.

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