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Census Data for The Vineyard


The first UK census was in 1801 , since when there has been a census every 10 years except for 1941.

However until 1841, the census was mostly a simple headcount and limited records remain. 1841 was the first census to provide useful information to the modern historian. Since then the amount of detailed information has improved but the old records are all hand-written and can sometimes be hard to decipher.

I have transcribed as much information as possible and put '?' when there is some information on the record that I was unable to read. Anyone wanting detailed information should go back to the source record and might find they disagree with my interpretation of spellings or words. I found the online databases now available at sites such as very useful but not complete. The best route to ensure complete information is to look at the source and follow the enumerators' logical numbering systems.

The 1841 Census

The information collected was: Name, Age, Occupation, Whether born "in county" or elsewhere in addition to the 'Place' and whether or not the house was inhabited, I did not transcribe the place of birth because most were born in Surrey and may not have been accurately recorded.  

 The Enumerator started at the school at Clarence House and then listed the priests' residence. The latter may have been a separate part of Clarence House or on the site of the present Presbytery. There are then 9 dwellings listed before getting to Michels Almshouses. These seem to correspond with the 9 houses shown on the 1842 map in Vine Row. After Michels Almshouses there are 6 houses listed before Queen Elizabeth's Almshouses on the other side of the road. It seems there was a school in either Michels Place or Newark House.

The Newsom family lived between the Queen Elizabeth's Almshouses and Vineyard House probably in the house shown in the Driver map on the site of the present 31/33. Mr John Roberts is listed as a rate-payer for Vineyard House and as a Schoolmaster. Perhaps he was involved with the school at Newark House where the Robarts family are mentioned.

Assuming Elizabeth Bonner and Fanny White, both shown as Lodging House keepers, lived in parts of the corner house later known as Prospect Lodge, the other 5 houses shown correspond to 5 brick buildings shown in the Driver map - though 2 of them we would now say are in Onslow Road.

Finally we arrive at Mount Ararat House, clearly identified on the map. But before then comes Mount Ararat Lodge with 4 pupils so it may have been a new school. This was part of Mount Ararat House.


Total Dwellings: 46 Total People: 234

 The 1851 Census

This census started at the East end of the road, in fact in Mount Ararat Lane. Next was Mount Ararat House now occupied by Anna Grosvenor with 12 servants. Then comes Mount Ararat Lodge, now clearly a school with 14 girl scholars aged 6-15.

4 of the next 5 houses have the some of the same occupants as in 1841 and Fanny White is still a Lodging House Keeper at Prospect House. John Roberts is still in Vineyard House as a schoolmaster and now has 9 boy scholars, including 2 of his sons, aged from 5-20. Then comes Vine Cottage, presumably the present No 28 occupied by William Lark, a Boot and Shoe Maker. John Parker, a tailor is shown on his own and perhaps lodged at No 28. The Newsom family were still there, possibly on the site of 32/33.

Only 3/4 houses are listed between Queen Elizabeth's Almshouses and Michel Place, of which one - probably Newark House - was uninhabited. The 4 houses of Michel Place are now clearly identified. Michels Almshouses have 10 residents of whom 2 have a son or daughter with them and one had a nurse.

Janet Blyth now runs the girls school at Clarence House with 19 pupils aged 8-17.


Total Dwellings: 43 Total People: 179

 The 1861 Census

 This census shows several new houses built but it is still sometimes difficult to identify them with today's buildings. ' Vineyard' is presumably then the name of Newark House and was occupied by Eliza Jane Mellish and 4 servants. Next to it there are 2 'Vineyard Villas' perhaps corresponding to Vine House either Vine Cottage or Vine Lodge with one of them being empty.

Across the road the 4 houses of Portland Terrace were occupied as was the newly moved Bishop Duppas Almshouses.

There were 2 'Vine Cottages' before 'West Dean'. They were on the site of the present 17 and 19 but the map shows buildings flush to the street so they were probably not the present houses. The new 'Vineyard Villas' and 'Duncan Villas' are the present 23,25,27 and 29. Next to them 'Duncan Place' was so new that one half was occupied and the other was described as 'Newly Built'.

Thereafter Vineyard House is marked as empty. Fanny White ws still a Lodging House Keeper at prospect Lodge but the remaining Mount Ararat buildings and Rosedale Cottages are hard to identify. I suspect one labelled 'Mount Ararat' occupied by a 'gardner in situation' is on the corner of Mount Ararat House land and gives on to the present Onslow road. Vineyard stables might be on the site of the present 43. 1,2 and 4 Rosedale cottages and another 'Mount Ararat' would be on the site of the present Vineyard Cottages, Nos. 34 & 36 and part of the old school playground.

Mount Ararat house itself was still occupied by Ann Grosvenor. Mount Ararat school is treated as a separate entity though must have been part of Mount Ararat House.


Total Dwellings: 76 Total People: 261

The 1871 Census

For this census the enumerator started with the Catholic Chapel House and went right along the North side of the street to Hope House School before crossing to Mount Ararat House and returning along the south side to Michels Almshouses. The labelling on the census record suggests that perhaps the second section of the street was called 'Mount Ararat' as much as 'Vineyard'.

The Vineyard School building did not yet exist. Hope House was later the headmaster's house but seems in 1871 to have been the school itself. Mount Ararat school has disappeared from the record.


Total Dwellings: 68 Total People: 254

The 1881 Census

The enumerator followed the same basic route as for 1871. This time there were extensions to cover the new Hermitage Villas and Grosvenor Road. The road ended with 'Chartreuse' now number 48. No mention now of Mount Ararat House. The South side return route starts with the 3 Vineyard Terrace houses (now 39-43).

Both Hope House and School House were listed as separate schools.

 Total Dwellings: 78  Total People: 300

The 1891 Census

 Again the enumerator goes along the North side from West to East ending at 'Chartreuse' and then returns along the South side starting at 3 Vineyard Terrace. This time, though, there is also separate entries for 'Dynevor Place' at the new east end of the road.


Total Dwellings: 79 Total People: 264


The 1901 Census

Now there were at least 2 separate enumerators, one for each side of the road. Sometimes they also covered the new side roads of Gloucester Road and Mount Ararat Road so that it is no longer easy to follow the sequence of 'schedule' numbering. The East end of the road is listed under 'Vineyard Road' rather than 'The Vineyard'. So I have listed houses and their occupants in number order, West to East, rather than by schedule order.

Total Dwellings: 111 Total People: 368


The 1911 Census

Census forms were distributed to each household so there is no page on which the route of the enumerator can be checked to verify who was neighbour to whom.  In addition the digital indexing of the data has failed to include "The Vineyard" as a road so it has been difficult to find data - and at present no information has been found for the east end of the road.