The Vineyard, Richmond
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Chartreuse, 48 The Vineyard


This OS map shows the future Grosvenor Road laid out for the first time but no buildings round it.


Wood: Henry Gardiner


 Census: Giles Roper, member RCS & C & C (not practicing), his daughter and 2 servants.


 Census: Emma McGill, Teacher of Painting, her daughter, 2 boarders, 3 visitors and a servant.


Kelly: Braund Jn, artist

 c 1895

House was supposedly designed for the personal use of the developer of Mount Ararat Road


Map shows Grosvenor Road nearly fully built.


 Census: John Braund, Own account / Artist, his wife, 2 children and a servant.


The house was rented for use by one/two Roman Catholic priests for whomthe Presbytery by the church was no longer sufficient.
 1910-15  Valuation Office Survey

Description: House, garden,
Occupier: Mrs L. Brewer
Owner: F.W. Brewer The Green, Richmond
Interest of owner: Freehold
Occupier's tenancy: tenancy at will or for life
Gross Value: £720


 Census: Ida Lavinia Brewer, her daughter, a housekeeper and servant


Bought by Phil Moore who passed it to his wife, Cathy, on his death about 1986.  She in turn gifted it to her daughter and son-in-law about 2000
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