The Vineyard, Richmond
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38, The Vineyard

1 Rosedale Cottage
2 Rosedal Cottage

Hope House


Clearwater House


First rates paid - 1732 for Hope House, 1733 for No 1 and 1755 for No2.


All owned by James Clutterbuck: Lessee in No 1:T Hopewell- No 2: John Kitchen - Hope House:Wm Patton


Driver map shows No 1 as just half the size of No 2.


1, Rosedale Cottage: John Deplock, Carpenter, his wife, shoe binder, and lodgers Abraham Hall, coach smith, and his family
2, Rosedale Cottage: John Broom, Chelsea pensioner, his wife, charwoman and 4 lodgers.


OS map shows them as more equal in size.


1, Rosedale Cottage: Abraham Hall, coachbuilder, his wife and 2 children
2, Rosedale Cottage: John Broome, Pesioner, his wife, lodger and grand-daughter
Hope House: Augustine Gardener, schoolmaster, his wife, 2 children, 2 assistant masters and 18 boys and 2 servants


1, Rosedale Cottage: Charles Chandler, Shoemaker, his wife and 6 children and lodgers, Frederick Alderton, cab driver, his wife and 3 children.
2, Rosedale Cottages: James Edis, railway clerk, his wife, child and a lodger.
Hope House: Edward Luxon, schoolmaster, his sister and her 6 children and 11 boy boarders.


 Census: 1, Charles Chandler, shoemaker, his wife and 10 children
2,  Alexander Hillman, decorator, his wife and 7 children
additional household of Edward Peason, unemployed, hsi wife and son
Hope House unoccupied.


OS map shows the garden of Hope House now has buildings/sheds round the edge, presumably as facilities for the school next door.  Hope House was the Headmaster's house.


 Census: 34, Charles Chandler, shoemaker, his wife and 7 children
36, Frederick Woodward, his wife, 2 sons and a lodger
38 now treated with the school next door, James Lancaster, School Teacher, his wife and 3 daughters.


Kelly: 34 Chandler Chas., btmaker
36 Mitchell Mrs
38 Leach Brothers Stores - wholesale warehouse


 Census: 36 (ex 32) Mary Ann Drew, dressmaker, and her daughter
38 (ex 34) Charles Chandler, Boot & Shoe repairer, 3 children and a grand-child.


 Census: 38, Hope House, Charles Edward Henson, Whitesmith Ironmongers, his wife & 4 children.
Also at 38, Alfred Scantlebury, Retired Tailor, his wife and 4 children.


 Valuation Office Survey
No 34 & 36
Description: House
Occupier: 34 = C. Chandler 36 = Mrs Mitchell
Owner: E. M. Chown,Boscombe, Bournemouth
Interest of owner: Freehold
Occupier's tenancy: weekly
Gross Value: £250 each

No 38
Description: House, outbuilding yaed
Occupier: Maine & Clifton
Owner: F.Bolders Frankham Sussex
Interest of owner: Freehold
Occupier's tenancy: 21 years
Gross Value: £1700
Notes: At rear is a lare yard with a range of timber built with corrugated iron roof sheds....smithy, upholstering shop & office


 Benjamin Clifton started a motor body building & repair company from no 38. The business was first established in 1909. He came from West Pinchbeck. He worked for Park Ward, Willesden. After the war he moved into Michels Almshouses. (source: Peter Davies, grandson).


Mann & Clifton business card - front


Mann & Clifton business card - back



34 was used as a Tuck shop but was independent of the school


The map shows the buildings demolished after a compulsory pruchase order to enlarge the school playground.


 The old playground provided space for building extra sheltered housing units.


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