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  Halford House



Halford House, 27 Halford Road, Richmond

 1710?  Exact build date of the original house is unknown. The original house seems to  be the 3-storey, 3 -window block on the right as you view from Paradise Road.
 1726  "The Prospect of Richmond Surry" print, despite other inaccuracies, shows a remarkably accurate picture of the house.
 1726-32  First rate books show the ratepayer to be Andrew Arnold
 1733-34  Ratepayer: Mr Telleman
 1736-40  Ratepayer: Tobias Wall
 1741-56  Ratepayer: Thomas Hayworth
 1757-59 Ratepayer: Mr Allen
 1760-1777  Ratepayer:   Isaac Henckell

 First addition to the original house - 2-storey 3 narrow window wing slightly set back is shown on the 1771 map.

First addition to Halford house


 Richardson's map shows John Halford as copyholder of 2 adjoining plots of land. The Manor survey says:
Copyholder: John Halford ( a brewer who joined Mr Weatherstone in partnership at Mortlake Brewery, and on his retirement was joined by Mr Topham. John Halford was responsible for the transfer of the Castle Hotel in George Street to Hill Street in 1761)
A messuage, coach house, stable offices and garden about one acre, one rood and 18 perches in the occupation of Isaac Henckell Esq., situate in Church Shot on the southeast side of Red Lyon Street.

 1780  Ratepayer: Rev. Richard Dadd
 1790  Ratepayer: Carteret John Halford (1752 - 1837). Churchwarden of the parish church 1782-84, member of the Vestry.
 1825  C.J.Halford is listed in Evans' Richmond and Vicinity directory as resident in Vineyard House. This is the earliest reference to this name for the house.
 1842  Driver map shows the house as "Vineyard House" and does not detail as such the house in The Vineyard but that may be because the latter was freehold rather than copyhold.
 1850  Ratepayer: Elizabeth Halford
 1851  Census lists Elizabeth S Halford as living on Red Lion Street. She was unmarried, 70 years old and Gentlewoman Trader? & House proprietor. She was living with her 23 year-old nephew, a solicitor, and 3 servants.
 1852-60  Halford Place – now the site of the former Premier/Suffield House office block fronting Paradise Road – was built on part of the garden of Halford House. Later Albert Dixon purchased the property and commissioned the architect F Brewer to plan and assign a new road (Halford Road)
 1861  Census shows 10 Halford Place (part rewritten as Halford House) with Richard Harman, tea dealer, as head of household with family and lodgers in occupation - in all 16 people.
 1868  Photo shows game of croquet played on the front lawn of Halford House
 1878    John Thomas Billett, the famous confectioner and pastry cook of the ‘Maids of Honour’ shop then on Hill Street, is listed in the 1878 directory at Halford House, Red Lion Street.

 A large extension was built on the side of the house; this wing later became the premises of the Richmond School of Art and Music (Head Master D Marwood) and a variety of other organisations while the house remained a private residence  

\haford House extension for Richmond School of Art and Music

 1881-87  Building work commenced on new houses on the site of the gardens around September 1881 and the road was finally made up in 1887   


 School of Art closed
 1939-45 Building used by the WVS for Civil Defence
 1951 Mr Hullah Brown claimed ownership in 1951 according to a report in the Richmond and Twickenham Times on 17 February 1951. He claimed his residence was 'neither vacant nor derelict' but admitted the former school of art was in a bad state of repair.
 1954  The Christian Fellowship in Richmond bought the house for £450.
 1967  The Fellowship bought the main part of their present garden, formerly a market garden. (See 10A)
2002  The Fellowship bought the former British Red Cross Hall next to them in Halford Road.