The Vineyard, Richmond
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Track the development of The Vineyard through this series of old maps

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 John Roque produced a map of London and its environs.  It seems his main source of income was rich landowners; so detail of central Richmond looks more accurate than that of Richmond Hill.


"Plan of the Royal Manor of Richmond, otherwise West Sheen, in the county of Surry. Taken under the direction of Peter Burrell Esq.. His Majesty's Surveyor General in the year 1771 by Thomas Richardson in York Street, Cavendish Square, London."

Shows the area by ownership/occupants for rating purposes.


"Plan of the copyhold premises in the Royal Manor of Richmond, otherwise West Sheen, in the county of Surry belonging to Her Majesty by E & C N Driver"

 "The numbers correspond with the Plan and Book of Reference made by Mr Richardson in 1771."


First OS map showing "Vineyard Lane" running from the Hill to Mount Ararat Road but with no detail of buildings apart from Michel's Almshouses. It emphasises the former importance of the Vineyard Passage and Patten Alley as paths up the hill.


OS map shows South side of the road built up to Onslow Road but pre-dates the Halford Road development and demolition of Mount Ararat House.


OS map shows little change but St Matthias' church clearly predated the development of Church Road


OS map shows the Vineyard extended to Church Road, Mt Ararat house and garden still in existence and the future nos. 12, 14 & 24 not yet built. The date of the mapping is more likely to be at some 3 years earlier, if 24 was built in 1894


The road complete! But change continues.


No significant change to buildings


Queen Elizabeth Almshouses rebuilt; school playground extended.  Impact of cars seen from garage developments at No 20 and 30 Mt Ararat Road