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Michel's Almshouses
Michel's Almshouses
Michel's Almshouses


 Michel Almshouses 


Almshouses for 10 single or married men were founded in The Vineyard by Humphrey Michel, who lived in the house at the corner of The Green and Duke Street.

Humphrey died in 1696 and the building was finished by his nephew, John, who also increased the endowment.




 Census: 11 Almsmen, 1 nurse, 1 with son and daughter.


 Census shows houses occupied by 10 Widowers, ex-tradesmen; one had his son there too, another his daughter, another a servant/nurse.


6 houses added backing on to Lancaster Road to replace earlier buildings. The plaque reads:

These six additional almshouses
were erected
AD 1858
on the foundation of
Humphrey Michel Esq


 The Duke of Buccleugh
Sir Henry L Baker Bt
Sir Charles R Price Bt
Sir John B Dundas Bt
Thomas Price Esq

Charles J Selwyn Esq
William Paynter Esq
George C Julius Esq
William F Gosling Esq
James R Morrill Esq


 Census: 13 almshouses occupied and 3 empty.


 Census: 16 almshouses occupied with 20 recipients of alms, one with a nurse and another with a daughter.


 Census: 15 almshouses occupied with 6 married couples, 3 widowed with daughters, one with grand-daughter one with niece. Only 4 houses had single occupants.


 Census: 15 almshouses occupied with 17 pensioners and 3 nurses.


 Census: 16 almshouses occupied; 11 with married couples (of which 1 had a daughter as well, 5 with single pensioners (of which 1 had a daughter as well).


 Census: 16 almshouses occupied; 8 with married couples, 6 with single pensioners and 1 with her grand-daughter and 1 shared.


 Plan for new WCs and drainage


 Plan for conversion of chapel to a nurse's residence


 Grade II listed:

Built on the site of the 1659 foundation. Generally of 2-storeys, brick built with pitched slate roofs to eaves. Comprises 2 ranges, the earlier of 10 units built in 1811 has a central pediment over slightly advanced centre with a cartouche containing carved coat of arms above large stone inscription. Arched windows to ground floor recessed in arched niches. Central entrance also arched sash windows retaining glazing
bars. At right-angles, a later block built in 1858, of 6 units and similar in appearance including front wall, railings and entrance gates.


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