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No 20

No 16

Leslie Lodge

 1726 A house first appears on Rates Records. Occupant: I Henckel

Richardson map schedule for plots 355 and 356 shows the owner as Hon Catherine Lessley. (cf Vineyard House)

A parcel of ground about one rood and 4 perches on part of which a coach house and stable is now standing and the other part is converted into garden ground and through and over which runs the footway from Paradise row to the Vineyard and Friars style situate at or near the Vineyard and in her occupation abutting south east in part on the carriageway there and in other part on the garden belonging to a freehold messuage of the said Catherine Lessley north west on a copyhold field of John Halford called Conduit Field north east on a freehold half now belonging to the parish and south west on other copyhold land of said John Halford in part and in other part on said carriageway … Admitted in 1771 on surrender of said John Halford  

 1881  Census: Leslie Lodge occupied by Ernest Seaton, Steward to Asylum, his wife and a servant.

 Census: Albert Moore, shop outfitter, his wife, 4 children and a servant.

The census also lists 'Leslie Cottage, Halford Road' but this was treated as part of The Vineyard schedules rather than Halford Road. Building plans show this to be the house now known as 58 Halford Road.

 1901  Census: Edward Phillips, Collector of water rates, his wife, 2 children, a visitor, a governess and a servant.
 1911  Census: Edward Archibald Phillips, Pensioned (Collector), his wife, 2 children and a servant.
 1939  20 and 20A appear separately in voter registration records
 1958   Frederick Walker got planning permission to convert to flats
 1960  No 20 sold to Marian Sarah Greer
 1972   Frederick Walker sold 20A
1936 - 1960  During this period 3 garages were built in what had previously been the garden as can be seen from comparing the maps of the 2 dates.


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