The Vineyard, Richmond
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Buildings and Houses in the Central section of The Vineyard

Odd numbers / South side

 1771  Richardson Map shows a narrow strip of land called 'Love Tree' leading East that was owned by Wm Selwyn. It is paralleled by another strip of Church Land.
 1842  Driver map ignored all detail for this site
 1850  First OS map shows no path continuing beyond Mt Ararat Road though it does show the path later to become Church Road
 1871 Map still shows no sign the extension of the Vineyard despite St Matthias' already built
 1876  Offer for sale of 'a valuable plot of freehold building land land situate in the Mount Ararat Road and abutting on the intended New Road leading form the town and ralway stations to St Mathias Church, the Hill and Richmond Park'.
 1891  Census shows road called 'Dynevor Place'. The reason for this name is probably as described in Nick Selwyn's talk: Dynevor Road, built on Selwyn land in the late 1870’s, may have been named after Baron Dynevor, a friend of the Selwyn family and possibly refers to the auspicious marriage in 1794 of Frances , granddaughter of Albinia Selwyn to George Talbot,2nd Baron Dynevor.
 1896 The road is there and so are the houses! The new section is called 'Vineyard Road'.

89 - 91 The Vineyard

87 The Vineyard