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Queen Elizabeth's Almshouses

Queen Elizabeth's Almshouses
Queen Elizabeth's Almshouses


  Queen Elizabeth's Almshouses 


Founded by Sir George Wright to house 8 poor aged women.

They were known originally as the ‘Lower almshouses’ and the name ‘Queen Elizabeth’s’ came into being when extra ones were built.

They were built in Petersham Road, a few hundred yards south of Ferry Hill (now Bridge Street). 

1767 Rebuilt on present site in The Vineyard.  The site was given by William Turner of The Hermitage, Church Terrace, from the Southern end of his grounds.
 1841  Census: 8 Almswomen, 4 with nurses and 1 with perhaps her 25 year old grandson.
 1851 Census shows 8 widows in residence; one had a visitor and another her daughter as well.
 1857 Rebuilt with frontage directly on the street pre-1955 frontage of Almshouses
 1861  Census: 8 women, one with 25 year-old daughter, one with 12 year-old girl (perhaps grand-daughter?)  
 1871  Census: 7 almswomen, one with 32 year-old daughter to look after her. 
 1881  Census: 8 almswomen, 2 with daughters, one with a grand-daughter, one with a companion. 
 1891  Census: 8 pensioners, 1 daughter, 1 nurse.
 1901  Census: 8 pensioners, 1 nurse.
 1911  Census: 8 pensioners, 1 sister.
1955 Rebuilt back from the street with front gardens. 4 larger units were built in place of the 8 previous ones.

Plan for demolition of existing almshouses and the rebuilding of 4 new ones

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