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St Elizabeth of Portugal RC Church

St Elizabeth of Portugal RC Church

St Elizabeth of Portugal RC Church


St Elizabeth of Portugal RC Church


A 'Catholic Relief Act' allowed Catholics to own property, inherit land and join the army. Richmond also benefited from a colony of French immigrants fleeing the French Revolution.


Elizabeth Doughty took over the lease at 1 Michels Place to support an existing Roman Catholic chapel.


The new church was the gift of Elizabeth Doughty of Doughty House on the Hill. It was designed by Thomas Hardwick.

St Elizabeth's original design 


Census: Robert Hodgson and John Moore, priests, and 2 servants


The Rev John Tilt was responsible for adding the gallery.


Census: Catholic Chapel House, Robert Hodgson, priest and a visiting priest from Piedmont, 2 servants


 Census: John Bayshouse, priest, and 2 servants


 Whibleys: Rev. J.B. Bagshawe, Priest; Blyth Miss, board school


 Census: John Bagshawe, priest, 3 servants and a lodger/sacristan


 Wood: Bagshaw Rev. J, Catholic priest


Census: John Bagshawe, 2 servants and a visiting priest.


Census: John Bagshawe and 2 servants


 Census: John Bagshawe and 2 servants


A new tower, a new chancel in the renaissance style and an enlargement to the existing presbytery were added.

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St Elizabeth's and Vine Cottages


 Census: Gerald FitzGibbon, Roman Catholic Priest. and 2 servants.


Grade II Listing:

1824. Chancel and adjoining presbytery by F A Walters 1903.
Yellow and red brick with a square tower with stone corner pilasters to upper stage, and cornices. Surmounted by an hexagonal dome, open lantern and spirelet. Ionic entrance porch. The first stage cornice of the tower is continuous with the parapet
of the main body of the church behind, which is lit by arcade of simple round-headed windows rising from a band course again continuous with the tower


Gale on 15th October damaged the roof.

St Elizabeth gale damage


  Jean and Astley Wylde celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary by returning to the church where they married on 12/10/1939. T hey moved to their Townshend Road home in 1942.


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