The Vineyard, Richmond
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Rate Book Entries for Vineyard House  


1726-1749    Christopher Bacon 

1750            Hon. Captain Lansley 

1751            Woolf 

1761            John Fitzwalter 

1769-72        Hon.Thomas Leslie (3rd son of John, 9th Earl of Rothes) 

1780-1810     Hon.Mrs Leslie (porch and wing added between 1771-1863) 

1820            Miss Leslie 

1830            Mr Skinner 

1840-1850     John F Roberts (Schoolmaster, Vineyard House) 

1868            Alfred N Firth 

1872            Jas Irvine Lupton (Vetinery Infirmary) 

1881-1890     Arthur John White 

1894            Thomas Hinks 

1896            Mrs R C Tate 

1914            Leonard Tate 

1928            Mrs C M Tate 

1958            H H Kaldeway      

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